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Atlantic Grille Adds to the Excitement of Shark Week’s 25th Year with the Official Unveiling of its 2,500-Gallon Shark Tank

On Monday, August 13, The Seagate Hotel & Spa will officially unveil its new 2,500-gallon shark tank, located in the Atlantic Grille. At 20-feet wide and four-feet high, the tank will display a variety of sharks, including Japanese leopard, smooth-hound, nurse, horn and guitar sharks, as well as Garibaldi damselfish, squirrelfish, a spiny Florida lobster, a yellow stingray, an Atlantic stingray and more.

The Seagate Hotel’s stunning aquariums were recently selected by ShermansTravel and featured in The Huffington Post as some of world’s finest on-property hotel aquariums. As Delray Beach’s only luxury boutique hotel, The Seagate’s proximity to the ocean and tropical allure are evident throughout the property, with four aquariums that feature more than 72 species of marine life.
The new shark tank will add to the hotel’s existing collection of popular aquariums, including a 1,750-gallon lobby aquarium with vibrant reef fish, a 750-gallon aquarium with wild lionfish and porcupine puffer fish, a 550-gallon grand-hall aquarium with moray eels, and a 450-gallon aquarium of tranquil moon jellyfish.

We invite you to try one of the Atlantic Grille’s signature “Sea-gator” cocktails, as well as the “Moon Jelly,” both available at the popular Jellies Bar. Then enjoy the new menu at the Atlantic Grille, emphasizing local seafood and produce.

Present for the official unveiling of the shark tank will be William J. Sander, executive vice president and general manager of the Seagate Hospitality Group, along with Bryan Ehlers, president of Magnificent Aquariums and creator and caretaker of The Seagate’s award-winning aquariums.

The Atlantic Grille is a contemporary American restaurant serving deliciously inventive cuisine in Delray Beach, Florida. Located on-premise in The Seagate Hotel & Spa, The Atlantic Grille has become a dining destination by offering a sophisticated dining experience with an exhibition kitchen, as well as alfresco seating along vibrant Atlantic Avenue, and a lively bar and lounge with daily happy hour specials. The inspired menu features steaks, seafood, pasta and salads served for lunch, dinner and weekend brunch. For more information or reservations, call us at 561-665-4900 or visit theatlanticgrille.com or opentable.com.

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